The Differences Between Diana And I Essay

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Her name is Diana. I find it remarkable that she’s been in my life for a little over 18 years and that she hasn’t gotten completely tired of my antics and habits. At first glance, we’re a lot different and it’s painfully obvious to see I’m the duller of the two. With her blond, curly hair, her emerald eyes, and pale skin, she resembles the bright sun. With my dark mess of curls, grey eyes, and tan skin, I’m more like the dark moon. This comparison is also representative of our personalities as well. The differences between Diana and I are evident and play a huge role in who we are as singular entities, but these differences, along with our similarities,are also responsible for our long and successful friendship. Moving away from the stark contrast in appearance, the first aspect that Diana and I differ on is and has always been evident even at a young age is how we express of emotions. Diana and I are on polar ends of the spectrum regarding emotionality. She shows any emotion she feels at that moment and has no problem articulating her feelings. Although, crying is her prefered method of expressing her emotions. She cries when she’s happy, cries when she’s sad, cries when she’s angry. The girl has even cried when I paid for her Starbucks order. I, on the other hand, don’t even know how to distinguish my emotions from one another. As a instinctual habit, I just shove them aside because I rather not deal with them. So it’s awfully amusing to see her and I together because…

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