The Differences Between Christianity And Catholic Religion Essay

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Since I was born, I have always wonder what Hmong religion was. In general, I do know a little bit about the big five religion. My first experience with religion was when my family enter the United States. Church groups knocking on doors was the biggest influence to me and my family. My first time going to Saturday school was the real experience of Christian religion. It was not one of the best experience, but it was an experience. That experiment totally changed my view of Christian religion. It gives me the impression that there 's no meaning in Christianity and it just a religion out of the blue. And why is there so many different Christian churches? What is the difference between Christianity and Catholic? It seems to me the Christian religion created the most conflicts. In my opinion, I believe every religion is the same there 's just different ways to practice it.
I found our class study monotheism to be the most intriguing because they all believe in the same God, yet they can’t be together as one. During class we use a triple venn diagram to compare and contrast the three different religion. I realized that they are similar in every way. Except that there different ways of practicing the religion. For example, they all believe in the same god, Abraham, Ten Commandments, the Genesis story. Other things like the holy book, pray place of worship, fasting, day off and holidays where it just the different ways or things they do. It makes me wonder why these three…

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