The Differences Between Catholicism And Lutheranism Essay

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Since the beginning of Lutheranism, there has been great strife and conflict between the Christian church (primarily the Lutherans and Catholics). This strife often gets in the way of the true goal of Christianity (to bring those who do not believe in the gospel message to Christ). The Catholics and the Lutherans are different denominations of the same religion of Christianity. Many people that are not members of either denomination can confuse the two. While both are similar in some ways they also have striking differences that distinguish the two. In fact, there has been so much discrepancy between these two denominations that the world has plunged into war on more than one account because of disagreement between the two denominations. Taking this to mind it is important that we are able to distinguish the differences and the similarities (particularly the Christians who get divided too easily on doctrinal issues) between Catholicism and Lutheranism. Concerning the age of the two denominations, the Catholics are a much older denomination than the Lutherans by nearly 1,500 years. The Catholics trace their lineage back to the time of St. Paul around 60 AD, as to where the Lutherans came into existence around 1521 AD when an Augustinian monk by the name of Martin Luther questioned the divine absolute authority of the Catholic Church. During and after the time of Martin Luther, The Holy Roman Empire (now modern day Germany) plunged into a series of religious wars to…

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