The Differences Between Brainstormer And Brainstorming Essay

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Kerry Walters employs the terms bullshitting and brainstorming to distinguish the differences between two approaches to the study of philosophy. “Breaking through conventional models of explanation, methodological procedures and theoretical paradigms, even if the move proves ultimately fruitless, both entails and enriches the ability to see freshly” (Walters 31). This describes how the one of the terms, brainstorming, allow for the constant reconfigurations of ideals in search for a new perspective as the outcome. Walter also defines these words by stating the difference between the two terms. “The bullshitter, on the other hand, could not care less” (Walters 31).
Brainstorming is best for a learning how to creatively articulate different viewpoints on some issue. This is due to the specific approach, involving the brainstormer’s personal relation to some issue, allows for the firsthand consideration of all perspectives and aspects on an issue which produces a meaningful discourse toward enlightenment.
Through a personal connection to an issue, the attitude concerning the philosophical discourse changes. Understanding the truth-values involved leading to a possible newfound discovery is a prominent feature. The involvement of a personal relation allows one to view all possible aspects of the various viewpoints that could lead to a possible answer. This consideration of various perspectives allows for one to articulate different viewpoints on an issue. Compared to…

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