The Differences Between an Associate Degree Nurse and Bachelor Degree Nurse

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The Differences Between an Associate Degree Nurse and Bachelor Degree Nurse

Associate Degree versus Bachelor Degree in Nursing
Throughout history, a nurse has been defined as "a person caring for the sick"(Merriam-Webster, Inc., 2004, p. 853). At the completion of school, whether from an Associate Degree in Applied Science or a Bachelor of Science Degree, all candidates must pass the national licensure exam. This enables the new graduate nurse to practice as a registered nurse. This new R.N. graduate is permitted to work in health care facilities in entry level positions. Both begin their career similarly with an extended orientation period being mentored by a "seasoned" colleague. Orientation is a probation period which grants the
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This assessment differs from the initial assessment at the beginning of the shift. The nurse informed the physician, placed the patient on oxygen, administered intravenous fluids, removed any nitrate patches, performed an electrocardiogram, suggested that blood be obtained for type and cross to be sent to the lab. The RN remained at the patient's bedside, continually monitoring the vital signs and assessing the patient's condition. The bedside nurse is exhibiting proficiency in the ability to think critically by making a nursing diagnosis, initiating nursing interventions, and evaluating the results.
In the above example of critical thinking, it remains difficult to conclude whether level of education or years of experience are the determining factor in the delivery of patient care. For many years there has been an ongoing debate throughout the nursing community on the importance of knowing that versus knowing how. What seems clear is that vast general, as well as nursing knowledge can only benefit the profession and the patients we serve. References
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