The Difference Between The North American And Mexican American Culture

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Nowadays, we are living in the community that we are interacting with people who have different cultural background. When we interact with others who do not share the same values as us, numerous intercultural issues are going to emerge such as language difference, nonverbal misinterpretation, preconceptions and stereotypes, and etc. Spanglish by James L. Brooks explores the difference between the North American and Mexican American culture by describing how Flor is an illegal immigrant from Mexico who does not speak any English and tries to integrate to an American family. Although cross-cultural can be a challenge or an obstacle to interact with others, we just need to put more effort by fostering more respect and acceptance against their culture. This is because it is a great opportunity for us to learn from others in order to enrich our knowledge and widen our vision toward the world.
Stereotypes are usually a judgment we have for a particular group of people beyond their behaviors in the society. Miladinovic declares, “In an intercultural setting, their use increases our sense of security and is psychologically necessary to the degree that we cannot tolerate ambiguity or the sense of helplessness when we cannot understand or deal with other people and situations”(“Overcoming Obstacles Intercultural Communication”). In “An Introduction to Intercultural Communication”, Jandt states, “Psychologists have attempted to explain stereotyping as mistakes our brains make in the…

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