The Difference Between Successful And Unsuccessful Nations Essay

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Tyler Jamieson
Don Carlisle
19 Apr. 2015
To Fail or Not to Fail The difference between a country that is considered successful and a country that can be tagged as a failure relies heavily on its economics. Economics is the study of how people, or in this case nations, allocate their scarce resources (Economics). In every nation there is a government whose goal is to allocate the resources at hand in the most efficient manner possible. History shows that the governments that have accomplished this goal have been the most successful. Why Nations Fail, written by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson, highlights the recurring similarities and differences between successful and unsuccessful nations. Acemoglu and Robinson explain that the nations that do the best job industrializing and creating institutions that provides positive incentives will find themselves to be the most successful while those that do not will fail. An example of Bill Gates and other successful business men is used in Why Nations Fail explaining that since childhood the system in place in America helped shape their minds, protect their ideas and provided them the resources to accomplish their goals (43). Acemoglu and Robinson would describe the American economic institution as inclusive. “Inclusive economic institutions foster economic activity, productivity growth, and economic prosperity (75).” Characteristics that are found within inclusive institutions are an unbiased education system,…

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