The Difference Between Psychosis And Psychopaths

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Introduction Unfortunately, there is always a stigma that comes along with mental illnesses. For example, if someone has crohn’s disease the person is deemed fine, just has a minor illness. But, for a person with a mental illness, it defines who they are as a person. They are not deemed normal or okay to society. Society allows the illness to define who they are instead of them being a great person who happens to have a mental illness or disorder. Whether the person is born with the illness or develops it, it is no different from any other disease. When reading this paper, keep in mind that we cannot judge these people with mental illnesses, but rather further understand who they are or why they do what they do.

Psychosis and Psychopathy Many don’t understand the big differences between psychosis and psychopathy. The root word, “psych” or “psycho” is from the Greek word for mind or
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According to Simon Baron-Cohens book “The Science of Evil” he discusses how psychopaths can be formed from family experiences, childhood, genetics, and environment. In the book he explores both early environmental factors and biological and genetic factors. Mostly found in borderline personality disorder (BPD) there is a strong connect between early environmental deprivation and neglect and abuse and later outcome of BPD. Early childhood development has a huge impact on levels of empathy. If a child is neglected they are more likely to become a psychopath because they develop a personality disorder. They do not know how to act or even show signs of empathy. Once again, how are we to blame these psychopaths for the illness they have. Most psychopaths grow up believing the world is against them. They constantly believe they are being attacked and they retaliate. They lack empathy which leads them to not knowing how to act in social interactions. If they did not receive proper care as a child, they cannot be expected to care properly for someone

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