The Difference Between Hoping And Expectation-A Guide For Game Day Preparation?

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The Difference between Hoping, and Expectation- A Guide for Game Day Preparation
During soccer season, players are trained to prepare, plan, and practice. They have mastered, and learned different plays to confuse, and conquer a competitor. In the event of a lapse of preparation of the mind or body, the player’s performance will suffer. Prior planning and preparation will ensure the prevention of poor performance. While planning and preparation is required in many aspects of life, this guide will specifically focus on a college, or high school level soccer game. To adequately prepare the mind and body is to win the game before the whistle ever blows!
Ninety minute games, a field 120 yards long, and a consistently moving ball can add up to an
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Out of the five days devoted to endurance training, two days need be a specific type of running that involves jogging, and sprinting intervals. These running exercises involve keeping time, so be prepared with a watch, or stopwatch. A thirty minute workout involving intervals of running at jogsprint pace have proven effective. Jog at a comfortable pace for two minutes. Once the two minutes have passed, build up speed to a sprint that will continue for thirty seconds. After the thirty-second sprint is complete, return to a comfortable jog. Repeat the timed intervals until the thirty minutes is up, this should total to eight sprints total. Over time one will feel less, and less winded after the final sprint. This drill will train the targeted muscles to recover easily after a hard break away sprint during a …show more content…
Being able to maintain focus and concentration, split second timing, and instant reactions throughout an entire game can make the difference between going home a champion, or going home a loser. Food is the body’s fuel, so it is important that one not only think about the choices that tastes good. What is more important is to think about what your mind and body need to be ready for every play, all the way to the final minutes. For outstanding game performance, choose high-octane food over, low-energy tasty food, and stay away from meats. On game day the first type of food to consume 2-3 hours before a game should be a serving of fruit such as: banana, orange, or apple. These will quickly increase the blood sugar level, making the player feel fueled instantly. After the initial piece of fruit, a blend of premium carbs, and fats will provide energy that is immediately usable, resulting in high-octane fuel. An ideal carb/fat combo will include: a bagel with cream cheese, bagel with peanut butter, or PB&J plus a nut mix on the side. It is important to not over-eat, which will lead to becoming uncomfortably full. Once one reaches the line of being full, food consumption should stop. One should leave at least one hour between eating, and beginning pre-game warm-ups. This allows the digestive system time to break down the food, and absorb the nutrients. Remember

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