Essay on The Difference Between Bsn and Adn Nurses

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Running head: Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

Professional Development of Nursing Professionals: IOM report
Grand Canyon University: NRS 430V
July 27, 2012

Professional Development of Nursing Professionals: IOM report
The United States health care system is meant to provide the most cost effective, safe, and accessible care. Congress passed the Affordable Care Act of 2010 to try and overcome some of the hindrances that affect healthcare. The Robert Wood Johnson committee partnered with the Institute of Medicine to overcome the healthcare obstacles and mold new procedures, techniques, and policies to create a more effective healthcare system. The policy aims to transform practice, education, and leadership.
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After discovering that research is essentially correct, one can try to demonstrate a situation where the difference in critical thinking is perceptible. In a nursery setting both an ADN nurse and a BSN nurse can walk in and see a baby is jittery. The ADN nurse might take the baby’s temperature and conclude that the baby is just cold and place it under the warmer. On the other hand a BSN nurse would take more investigative measures. The BSN would use his or her critical thinking skills and decide to reconnoiter the situation. The BSN would take the temperature as well as inform the doctor to place orders for additional tests such as CBC and metabolic panels. While the testing is being done the BSN nurse would call the NICU and inform them that there is a possible transfer. In this circumstance the BSN nurse could have helped saved the baby’s life while the ADN nurse could have delayed treatment due to the fact that he or she did not possess the advanced critical thinking skills required to effectively assess the complete situation. There is a multitude of similar situations that demonstrate the fact that BSN nurses have enhanced management and planning skills, higher competency, and better critical thinking abilities. In conclusion, research and studies have proven that having a BSN degree is more desirable than an ADN degree. Many hospitals and nursing employers have chosen to hire mainly BSN nurses. This in turn is resulting

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