Biological Sex Vs Gender Identity Essay

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The Unites State has about 700,000 transgender people that have to fight everyday against preconceived ideas that family members and society have about their gender identity. The preconceived ideas are based on the fact that society still doesn’t know the difference between biological sex and gender identification. In biology, sex is defined as anatomical structures that are either male or female. In contrast, gender identity is a personal identification or an inner sense of being a male or female. They are two distinctive concepts. Indeed, society can be very cruel and prejudiced when dealing with individuals that have gender perceptions that don’t relate to their biological sex. Therefore, these actions add difficult life challenges at individuals …show more content…
Opponents of gender identification argue that “[t]he assertion that an individual may have a gender identity that differs from his or her biological sex, … is absurd” (“Transgender Rights”). Such people, are against the idea that really are a difference between anatomical sex and gender identity, they believe that such proposal is unreasonable and goes against society values, and can leaves the “normal” people in an uncomfortable and awkward situation. The arguments used by the critics are vague and bias. Some opponents argue that transgender people need to be treated for some kind of condition. They believe that such confusion should be banished, and people that are confused about their gender identity should forget about their inner sense and become something that fits the society boundaries. First, being a transgender people is not a choice, they did not choose to be different. Second, Transgender people are trying to match how they feel inside with what they see in the mirror. Third, they are not trying to change any society value. To concluded, what opponents need to understand is that transgender people should not be judged by their gender preferences, but instead by their character like everyone

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