Essay on The Diet Of A Healthy Teen Diet By Stacy Lu

776 Words Aug 29th, 2015 4 Pages
In today’s society, teens turn to greasy, unhealthy food instead of nutritional food that their bodies need in order for them to be healthy. In the article, “How to Turn Typical Meals Into a Healthy Teen Diet,” written by Stacy Lu, one of the main focuses is how unhealthy teens are eating. Lu uses Teresa Beach, a registered dietitian, as a source in explaining the ways in which teens diets are unhealthy, and then also goes on to explain the steps to take in order to improve teens diets and strengthen the nutritional value of each meal. One of the first big ideas in the article is Teresa Breach’s ideas about nutritional density, which is the amount of calories vs. the amount of nutrition a person is getting. She states that the meals teens are choosing are not the best choices based on the nutritional density. Another important idea is that the unhealthy meals being eaten are leaving the consumers with less energy and making concentrating harder. Beach then goes on to support her claims by stating that the unhealthy foods are completely full of empty calories, which pack on weight and do not provide health benefits. Once Beach makes all her points about the unhealthiness of the diet choices being made, she goes into the explanation of how to make changes in order to make the diets healthier. Her first idea is that teens should try limiting their unhealthy food intake to one item per meal. For example, if teens are going to eat something fattening, add a side salad or…

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