The Dice Man Essay

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The Dice Man Journal –Marty Smiley

The Dice Man written by Luke Rhinehart is an incredibly thought challenging and intentionally provocative piece that knows no bounds and sought to cover every aspect of the human psyche. The exploratory nature of this book transverse across subjects that most novels and authors would dare not touch. Rape, murder, sexual experimentation, racism, drug use, adultery and senseless blasphemy. The Dice Man covers them all, and when presented with the title quote “This book will change your life” I would plainly agree and contend that it will not only change your life in some way but severely change your perspective on things.

The novel tells the tale of a psychiatrist named Luke Rhinehart who, feeling
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Rhinehart (the author) often repeats this point, with the 'die' a person is truly humble because there is no 'self' making the decisions.

A few themes arise throughout the novel, chance and choice, man vs. the machine/society, religion, the human mind, ego, addiction vs. devotion and sexual desire. Sex as a theme is often addressed as it always seems to take a place on the face of Rhinehart’s die. Sexual desire, in the world Rhinehart seeks to detach himself from, is squashed and stunted and never explored as he states it should be. Many of the sexual fantasies Rhinehart wished to pursue were always equally weighed with the ones he did not wish to pursue (homosexuality). This seedy aspect of the book, although it could be written off as unsavoury, proves the authors dedication to the aim of the story, to follow the dice, which ever way it rolls.

'I vaguely remember an electric clock humming on the mantelpiece. Then a fog-horn blast groaned into the room from the East River and terror tore the arteries out of my heart and tied them in knots in my belly: if that die has a one face up, I thought, I'm going downstairs to rape Arlene. 'If it's a one, I'll rape Arlene,' not a one I'll go to bed, the terror was boiled away by a pleasant excitement and my mouth swelled into a gargantuan grin: a one means rape, the other numbers mean bed, the die is cast. Who am I to question the die? I picked up the

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