The Diaspora 's Influence On The Peacemaking Efforts Essays

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The Diaspora’s Influence on the Peacemaking Efforts
In terms of aiding in peace, the Irish diaspora did a few different things that were absolutely vital to the establishment of peace in Ireland as well as the creation and signing of the Good Friday Agreement. Firstly to start it is important to note how important the US was in the development of peace. The US was not some small influence or bit part, but rather they were the “critical enabler and catalyst” for the peace talks that happened in Ireland (Feargal Cochrane, Bahar Baser and Ashok Swain 2009:685). With that idea in mind, it becomes easier to see actually how important of a role the diaspora played in the development of peace talks. The election of Clinton in 1993 proved to be of particular importance as Clinton had hereditary links to Northern Ireland (John DeWind and Renata Segura 2014: 99-100). This meant he had special interests vested in the safety and well being of the community that was his historic home. This influence would be seen in the development of the peace talks, especially with his policies and interactions with groups in Northern Ireland that he was committed to improving the situation and fighting for peace (John DeWind and Renata Segura 2014:121-23). In addition, Clinton and his administration used their “soft power” to force the issue of peace. Soft power can be defined as when someone uses persuasion, influence and credibility as a way to force people into compliance (Feargal Cochrane…

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