The Diary Summary Of Joseph Bloomfield

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Joseph Bloomfield was appointed captain in the third regiment of the New Jersey militia in 1776, he left his comfortable life and employment to support the Revolutionary war effort. He left behind two journals that held his first hand experiences of participating in The Revolutionary war and what he encountered being a captain in the barracks during this era. The Journals have been read, edited and published by a Mr Mark E. Lender and James Kirby Martin, these are the pages we have been provided to analysis. The fact that the diarist was a lawyer who left his life to fight in the Revolutionary War is indicative of a citizen army pitted against the might of the British Empire which, at the time, boasted one of the finest army’s in the world, well-led, professional and highly disciplined.
The diary excerpt, which comprises the subject matter of this analysis, is an account of what daily life was like for an infantry soldier in the Revolutionary war. Whilst Bloomfield does not speak of encountering battles, in the excerpt provided, we are presented with an account of everyday life for an Infantry Officer of the war. The excerpt begins on September first with an account of the apprehension of a group of soldiers, John Barret, Isaac Hazelton and three others, who had drunkenly disobeyed orders and resisted when instructed to return to the Garrison. The account continues, the following day, with the five men being court-marshalled and sent back to their duties. Shortly after, Bloomfield tells of marching to Fort Schuyler. Bloomfield often speaks of
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As free from the British as the Americans wanted to be, they near modelled their government and military practises after their foreign

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