The Diary Of Mary Rowlandson Essay

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For many years in history, Native Americans have been mistreated. The past is not something that is easy for them to look at. They’ve been beaten, attacked, forced out of their homes, and killed. Even nowadays they are often mocked and made fun. The way we have treated and viewed Native Americans has evolved over the years, but the past still haunts them. In “The Diary of Mary Rowlandson”, the settlers invaded the villages, beat the natives over the head, cut open their bowels, stripped them naked, and killed many. “...One was knocked on the head, the other escaped; another there was who running along was shot and wounded, and fell down; he begged of them his life, promising them money (as they told me) but they would not hearken to him but knocked him in head, and stripped him naked, and split open his bowels.” (Rowlandson). This is just one gruesome example of how the settlers treated the Indians, even when the boy begged them for his life. The settlers walked all over the Native Americans, and treated them like they were nothing, the whites wanted full control of the land. Not only did they beat and kill the Indians, the settlers also set their houses on fire in hopes to flee them. “Came the Indians with great numbers upon Lancaster: their first coming was about sunrising; hearing the noise of some guns, we looked out; several houses were burning, and the smoke ascending to heaven.” (Rowlandson). Here Mary was faced with the harsh reality of the settlers attack, she…

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