The Diary of Anne Frank Essay

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The Diary of Anne Frank

This journey that Anne Frank encounters was although a short journey had a big affect on her life. A few steps down the road from where she lived had changed her life forever, more than she could’ve imagined. Anne Frank was forced to leave her life behind, in a time of WW2.

The diary of Anne Frank represents an individual strengthened by going on a forced, reluctant journey. She’s forced into hiding after living a “spoiled life” with boys from school “admiring her”. She’s forced to hide in an Annexe, behind the Amsterdam office of her father’s business. That journey although just a few steps had changed her life forever. Forced to leave her loved life and unexpectedly move into a strange place, expected to
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When Anne started packing getting ready to quickly abandon the trappings of her privileged childhood, to react under pressure in a crisis situation it shows she has a strong survival instinct. Her thoughts are fixed on her family's safety. She also comprehends complicated reasoning about how to avoid capture--such as the fact that she should not pack clothes in her bag, because if they were stopped, the clothes would give them away. There is an obvious struggle shown in Anne’s personality, between her childish side and her adult side.

The pianist
Individual physical journeys can not only be forced but also be out of the control of that individual, with uncertain thoughts about the future. ‘The Pianist’ directed by Roman Polanski is an example of this type of journey. A pianist named Wladyslaw Szpilman, a polish Jew, had experienced and witnessed the restrictions the Nazis had placed on the Jews in Warsaw, he and his family are forced to stay in the Warsaw ghetto. Then they are all shipped off to Nazi labour camps. We see them with wide angle shot focusing on them with other Polish Jews in the Background, with dark, grey, colourless tones, the Jews’ heads looking down as they move, portraying a sense of depression. As they all move, they move in a rhythmic pattern to show they have no control over what they get to do, they have to follow what the Nazis tell them. Through the window of the Warsaw ghetto there is a point of view shot from the

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