The Diary Of Anne Frank Essay examples

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!!!The Diary of Anne Frank

' 'The Diary of Anne Frank ' ' tells the story of Anne Frank and her family after they go into hiding from the Nazis because of their Jewish heritage. World War II was in full swing as the Franks went into hiding, hoping to escape the concentration camps that Hitler had erected. Anne discusses the two years they are in hiding, the experiences they had in the __Secret Annex__, and the news the family heard on the radio about the progress of the war. Unfortunately, Anne and her family were found, captured, and sent away to concentration camps.

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!!!World War II

__World War II__ saw the deaths of over 60 million people, making it the most lethal war in history. When the war started is debated because some believe it was just an extension of World War I, and others believe it started when Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939 and waged until September 2, 1945, almost exactly six years later.

Many issues led to World War II, including Hitler sending troops to aid Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, Austria being annexed and handed to the Nazi party, and the German invasion of Czechoslovakia. At this point Europe was in serious turmoil, but the war wasn 't ignited until the invasion of Poland. Places around the world were being bombed and destroyed due to the war, and Europe took some of the heaviest hits. People were forced from their homes, fleeing for safety,…

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