The Diamond Mining Industry Of Africa Essay

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Imagine Africa. Most picture the beautiful African sunset setting just before dark. Wildlife howling in the background and the temperature scorching even with the sun going down. Africa is the second largest and second highest populated continent in the world. Africa hosts many ethnicities, religions, and is known for its diverse languages. This continent is also a home to an infamous diamond mining industry. Often individuals are unaware that Africa is one of the largest mining diamond distributers in the world. When picturing Africa, you often envision the freedom of wildlife and society a country that celebrates and protects its precious culture and recourses. Upon close study, though one finds that the actions taken to obtain the blood diamonds are considered cruel, inhumane, and a threat to society.
Diamond Mining Background:
Diamond mining became an established industry in Africa between December of 1866 and February of 1867. Diamonds can now be found anywhere in the world, but the majority of them are mined in Botswana, Angola, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Russia boasts the largest and richest diamond yield according to the Worlds Top Diamond Distributor, 2014. Russian miners extracted an estimate of 38-39 million carats of diamonds and Botswanan miners 23.9 million carats, Zimbabwean miners 10.4 million carats, Angolan miners 9.4 million carats, and South African 8.1 million carts in 2014. The difference between the African countries and the…

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