The Diagnostic Manual For Infancy And Early Childhood Essay

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As I began to read, she was very resourceful in this book about herself and coauthor background and process on writing this book. I love the way she discourses her motive for writing a book about SPD. Her son was the reason for her to initiate her journey in this field. Her feeling” until you experience being the parent of a child with SPD, willingness to do whatever is necessary for whatever cost” (Bailer 2011) This diagnose about her son had given an opportunity to do her own researches and help for children like her son.
By searchers for an answer, she discovers her coauthor, Lucy Miller her background information was based on her own life experience. It was a very difficult time when doctor did not understand or treated SPD patience. For her quests, to try to understand herself by doing, so she had a great need to make the world understand SPD disorder with intensive research and observation on children. Dr. Miller research “now appears in two diagnostic manuals: The Diagnostic Manual for Infancy and Early Childhood and The Diagnostic Classification: Zero to Three" (Bailer, 2011).
In the next chapter in this book she explains that she will have three keys interest individuals that she be writing this book for: parents, teachers, and occupational therapists. Mrs. Bailer believes that if each of these groups of people work together to help the child with SPD become productive in live. She also realizes the textbooks were too technique for parents and teacher to understand…

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