The Diagnosis Of Impaired Social Interaction Essay example

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Nursing Diagnosis
The diagnosis, impaired social interaction related to limited social interaction as evidences by always being at home with their mother, was chosen because it would help the children to further their social skills. Currently, children spend most of their time at home during the week with their mother. For some children, this is something that causes them to have lower social skills due to being exposed to fewer people. Throughout it as apparent that this was a factor for these children. It was proven by emotional actions, such as crying when told no, or interrupting when asking to wait to talk. This diagnosis will help them become more social and behave more appropriately in social settings such as school and work.
Another diagnosis that fits this family is caregiver role strain because the mother is the one to always be at home taking care of the children. The mother does not get out of the house as much as the father and her daily activities become repetitive. It was obvious that there is strain due to no deviation in the set caregiver roles.
A third diagnosis to fit this family’s lifestyle is risk for impaired attachment. This diagnosis is related to the mother being the primary caretaker of the children, as evidenced by the children showing emotional instability, such as crying, when the mother was not present or told them she was leaving for a short period.
Nursing Interventions
The first intervention is to determine the family patterns of social…

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