Essay about The Dhs : An Effective Department For Hazard Protection

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As the DHS keeps on asserting itself as an effective department for hazard protection, it would need to overcome the problem of the alpha male notion to make it work effective. This follows the fact that each agency under the DHS wants to prove superior to the others and thus resulting into wolf packs. The alpha males might display instances of fighting once a rival wolf crosses their path since each agency wants to be a leader rather than a pack member. As a result, the inner fighting between agencies leads to information sharing and cooperation problems.
Additionally, the DHS would have the platform to prove itself to both the public and politicians, since most people envision the failure of the DHS, just like FEMA. However, the DHS can only be destroyed by major events. The DHS will be in a good position to share information amongst its agencies and thus contain the security issues in the country.
The DHS will also be better placed to solve and learn from its own past mistakes. These are the mistakes that have been made by the different agencies that form the DHS. This will also make it easier to implore radical procedures, methods, and critical thinking to fight against security threats. This will also be critical for responding, deterring, and detecting terror attacks.
In the future, the DHS would need to focus on creating its program to fit all government levels as well as schools in a bid to offer more homeland security training to students. This would be crucial in…

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