Summary Of The Devil's Knot By Mara Leveritt

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After reading the Devil’s Knot written by Mara Leveritt and watching the trial in class and analyzing all the evidence in the case I’m sure a lot will agree with me that in this case the evidence was very poor. The sentence was not justified or supported with enough evidence. In a case with this magnitude in which minors were involved people would think that the jury would take a close look at the evidence and lead the decision from there which in my opinion did not happen. Most people were appealing to emotion and leaving the facts aside. The small town of west Memphis wanted to rush in order for them to have someone to blame and alleviate the family’s tragedy. The jury really based their bias decision in pure looks, specifically the looks of Damian Echols. During all the trials, we were able to make our own opinion by combining what we watched and what we have …show more content…
There are many details that do not fit on the case, the murder was not very likely to have happened in the lake as police said. Another thing to look at is that there was no physical evidence that linked the suspects with the victims. The verdict was made out of pure prejudice by the testimonies of the people involved.
The murder of the three boys was suspected to have happened in the lake in which the bodies of the victims were found. Most of the details do not fit starting for the blood. The crime scene was perfect like if nothing had happened it just looked normal. There was no blood whatsoever and no physical evidence. Now, we are talking about teenagers who aren’t professional murders. One of the boys had the skin of the penis missing. That is a hard thing to do and police is saying that this was done inside the lake to justify the missing blood. This is very unlikely to happen because the skills that are required to do this inside the water at night and carrying the person, if we are being realistic and

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