The Devil 's Power Essay

857 Words Dec 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Too many Christians are being tricked and deceived by the actions of the devil. Resulting in losing battles that God has already won for us. How is that even conceivable possible? To lose battles that God has already won for us? It’s because we are underestimating the devil’s power and the conduits he uses. We have adopted this unrealistic image of the devil that society has built – a red being with horns with a long pointed tail with a pitch fork. If such a creature approached you, you would recognize it each time and flee. Unconsciously, too many Christians have come to believe that Satan always comes in a recognizable form. Faulty thinking. Faulty because there are some Christians who believe that Satan and his caravan are incapable in influencing their pastor, their pastor’s wives, leadership in the Church or a ministry, your husband, your children or even YOU. Yes, YOU! That’s what last night lesson help us to appreciate. That Satan comes in many different forms and operates through many different conduits, including our families, close friends and the Body of Christ. As a result, our battlefields that we step onto each day is full of confusion and chaos.
That is the first step to being victorious on our battlefields. We must know how Satan deceives and conduits he is uses. We learned three simple methods he uses in winning his battles.
He prevents  He diverts  He distracts through four primary realms: individuals (you and…

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