Essay about The Devil 's Highway By Luis Alberto Urrea

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In Luis Alberto Urrea’s novel, “The Devil’s highway,” he uses a passage that describes the migrants’ digression towards death as they travel across the Yuma desert to create an uncomfortable, and sympathetic feeling from the audience. Throughout the book, Urrea uses imagery to describe the harsh conditions of the desert, and the high risk that comes along with attempting to cross it. The passage goes into detail about the unavoidable stages of hyperthermia and how each of these effects the body. Urrea intends to create more emotions within the reader and to help them fully connect with the tone throughout the book. Through imagery he not only describes to the reader what these people may have gone through while making their passage across the desert, he also uses literary techniques and small excerpts to bring the stories he tells to a more personal level with his audience. This allows Urrea to get a similar emotional response out of every reader, not just ones who may relate to the events more. The passage describing the condition of the migrants leading to their death is placed at the end of the second section of the novel, allowing the passage to serve as prelude to the desolation in the final section of the book. The author chooses to inform the reader of the tragic conditions that the migrants are in almost immediately before introducing the travelers’ names and stories. By giving a name to the characters’ following the vivid description of the suffering, Urrea…

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