Essay on The Devil Wears Prad Movie Analysis

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The Devil Wears Prada is a movie that encompasses many different elements of film. There are also a few different meanings that can be taken from the film. Camera distance and movement, costume, and lighting work to create a meaning of choice in the film.
Costumes vary in the opening shots, not just with Andy, but with the other women in the movie as well. The first of multiple shots seen is of a women putting on a black bra. Next is the other woman putting on black panties, then the camera shows a different women putting on a completely different pair in a completely different location. Then the shot jumps back to Andy, weighing her options for such article of clothing. Following that, there are another series of shots similar to those seen recently. Two females are trying to decide on what to wear. One of them looks at an outfit, and then we see her closet of endless possibilities. In order to that, the other is seen holding up two different options from her closet. Andy’s closet is finally seen after this. Her closet is not nearly as big as the others, but there were still plenty of choices as to what she could have picked to wear. Later on, after Andy has been held her job for some time, her costume changes are clearly seen. A sequence of shots of her on the way to work reveals that Andy has a wealth of clothes from inside her closet. When she becomes obstructed from the camera and re appears, she is wearing something completely different than when she was previously…

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