How Did Young Goodman Brown Decide To Go Into The Woods

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After spending the night in the forest, Young Goodman Brown, the protagonist of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel by the same name, unwisely he decides to change his whole way of life. He ends up in the forest, in search to meet the devil. He leaves his wife and views everyone from his village completely different and decides not to trust them ever again over a night he is unsure if it was real or a dream. Lastly Young Goodman Brown’s decision is unwise because he goes into the forest at night when his wife wants him to stay, that it’ll de unsafe for him to go.

Young Goodman Brown a young man, newly wed decides to go in search for the devil one night in the forest. He encounters several experiences that made him turn his whole life completely contrary to how it is he decides right before to go into the forest. His young wife, Faith sensed no good for him going into this journey, as she told him “put off your journey until sunrise and sleep in your own bed tonight… of all nights in the year”. Young Goodman Brown also sensed that she wasn’t at ease as he said, “there was trouble in her face, as if a dream had warned her what work was gonna
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An old man who he encountered the night in the forest, guided his way. The old man happened to be the devil according to a childhood friend of Young Goodman as the old lady told him “The Devil!” as she pointed to the man he met at the forest. She said it in so securely, as if she has met the old man before. In the Forest the old man kept telling Young Goodman to take his staff and he kept insisting no because he said he has promised his wife grace to not commit any harm. Throughout his whole journey in the forest he encountered several people from his village in the devil convention, converting which got him upset, and when he saw his wife grace, he snapped and listened to the old man and took his

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