The Devil In Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

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After spending the night in the forest, Young Goodman Brown, the protagonist of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel by the same name, unwisely he decides to change his whole way of life. He ends up in the forest, in search to meet the devil. He leaves his wife and views everyone from his village completely different and decides not to trust them ever again over a night he is unsure if it was real or a dream. Lastly Young Goodman Brown’s decision is unwise because he goes into the forest at night when his wife wants him to stay, that it’ll de unsafe for him to go.

Young Goodman Brown a young man, newly wed decides to go in search for the devil one night in the forest. He encounters several experiences that made him turn his whole life completely
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When he saw his wife, Faith convert to the devil, he lost it and said “My faith is gone!.... “There is no good on earth; and sin is but a name. Come, Devil; for to thee is this world given”. He ran as fast as he can out of the forest as he officially has given up to believe in the good of the people, ever again. The next morning Young Goodman Brown came walking slowly into the village, “walking as a bewildered man”. The minister invited him for breakfast and Young Goodman rejected the offer. The more people he saw walking into his village he started acting fractious and treacherous towards all of them because he of what he witnessed, converting to the devil last night. He saw his Wife and walked passed her without a greeting as she was walking happily towards him, Everyone in the forest was in normal affection towards him, so the real question is has Young Goodman brown Fallen asleep in the forest, and did he actually experience what he said he did in the forest? Young Goodman Brown makes a dreadful life-changing decision after spending a night at the forest. His life has now been changed for the worst since this experience cost him to leave his wife, and to live fractious and treacherous towards the people of salem village, who he has known his whole

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