Essay about The Devil And Tom Walker And Rip Van Winkle

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A few months ago, my cousin Mark invited me to help on his farm. I accepted his invitation, knowing he would pay me handsomely. However, when I set foot on the farm, one thought came to mind: what a dump! Mark 's farm was so pitiful one could mistake it for a junkyard. One thing that stuck out to me was his cattle. The poor creatures did not have anything to eat. All of Mark 's grass was dead, and I could count every cow 's ribs from a football field away. As I roamed around Mark 's farm, it started to remind me of the two stories The Devil and Tom Walker and Rip Van Winkle. These two stories have much more in common then some believe. In "The Devil and Tom Walker and Rip Van Winkle" we see similarities in the setting, male protagonists, female antagonists, and the mystical creatures. We see definite similarities in the setting of both of these stories. The bodies of water paints a vivid image in the reader 's mind. We see Tom lives near "Charles Bay." Similarly, Rip lives near water, for we see in the beginning of the story, Irving tells that "whoever made a voyage..." These bodies of water in both stories enhance the imagery in both stories. Another similarity in the setting are the forests. We see Tom stroll through "The swamp thick with gloomy pines." On the other hand, Rip lives by houses "whose shingle roofs gleam among the trees." Both Tom and Rip 's stories take place in a forest, and by a body of water. The author Washington Irving chooses to write about…

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