The Deviant Place Theory

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To start regardless of Carla’s lifestyle and/or activities in this reading she became the victim. Victimology is the study of crime victims and their relationship to offenders and the criminal justice system. It is unlike criminology, which focuses on the dynamics of victimization; criminology concerns the etiology of crime and criminal behavior. Victimology attempts to address questions of how crime victims have been exploited, abused, neglected, harmed, and oppressed in public and private (workplace) settings. (Meadows, 2009).
Carla’s situation can be compared to “The Lifestyle Theory”, “Deviant Place Theory”, and “Routine Activity Theory” in the list of victimization theories. First of all we must assess what defines these three theories.
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The given information also informs the reader that Carla had to walk through a part of town that was not so safe sounding. It tells the reader that Carla was jogging through a part of town off the main road. The location is between a biker bar and a building used for individuals on probation along with recovering drug addicts. This could bring in previous and current criminals that may or may not have a vendetta against Carla. After all, Carla’s body was found within ten minutes of Casey’s …show more content…
I do think that better life choices could have possibly made a difference. I am also a firm believer in when it is your time it is your time no matter the place or time. But at the same time I believe that certain things can have self-contribution as far as bringing it on yourself so to speak. This situation can be viewed and taken so many different ways. It is hard to point the finger and say for certain that one action caused another event to take place. Then again it very well could be this case after

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