Essay The Deviant Behavior Of Cyberbullying

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In contemporary society technological advances occur frequently, consequently facilitating numerous new facets of deviant behaviour, such as cyber bullying, to occur. The personally observed behaviour of cyberbullying can be defined as the act of using technology to bully an individual, stereotypically sending messages to intimidate, upset or threaten the victim (Barkoukis, 2007). In 2013 alone 72% of Australian schools admitted that at least one case of cyberbullying was reported within their school and estimate that one in ten individuals will full victim of the act (Jaishanker, 2011). Therefore, the following analytical report with critically evaluate the definition and management of the deviant behaviour and will apply competing theories, the Choice Theory and the Social Learning Theory, to explain this phenomenon. Conclusively, the management of the act will de discussed and a rehabilitation recommendation will be made to better deal with this rising issue.


The deviant behaviour of cyberbullying can be defined in numerous manners, which will be comprehensively explored bellow. These competing definitions aid in establishing clarity to the deviant act throughout this project and will ultimately aid in facilitating management strategies to combat this issue (Lee, 2011).

Academic Definition
According to the oxford dictionary (2014), the act of cyberbullying can be defined as “the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending…

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