Sigmund Freud's Development Theory Analysis

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In this essay I will be focusing on the developmental theory concepts of Erik Erikson and Sigmund Freud. These concepts will be related to family dynamics and the individual’s behaviours. I have collected my data through both interviewing and observations of the family in their home environment. The Jones family consists of; Simon (47), Helen (48), Liam (21), Sean (19), Emma (15) and Sean’s baby boy Ryan (1). In my essay I will particularly focus on Helen, Sean and Ryan as they represent different age groups in relation to the developmental theories.

In nursing particular theories aid in controlling, predicting and describing phenomena and attempt to explain the links between theoretical concepts (Kozier & Erb 2015). Theoretical concepts
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During this stage the individual seeks a lifelong partner and participates in sexual experimentation (Kendra Cherry 2015). The libido is focused in the genitals and therefore the outlet of frustration is typically sex. Sean has reached this stage in his life but what is interesting is combining both Freud and Erikson’s theories. In relation to Erikson’s theory Sean is currently in the identity vs confusion stage, this is where his environment is a huge influence in his identity. This stage is all about social relationships and fitting in with society’s expectations. The individual is seeking independence and control in their life, being provided with opportunities to develop skills necessary for adulthood. Sean is in a very different position to his peers, as a result of satisfying his sexual needs he now has a baby boy. This brings a whole new set of responsibilities and expectations; while his friends are out drinking and mixing cocktails he is at home mixing baby formula and juggling finances. As a result this will cause major conflict between the desire of wanting to be a teenager and responsibilities of being a …show more content…
They help nurses understand why the client behaves or doesn 't behave like expected allowing them to gauge severity of situations and carry out the nursing process effectively. Most importantly theories define the role of the nurse and the effect of illness on not just the individual but also those surrounding them.

In conclusion theories like that of Erikson and Freud help nurses understand behaviours of individuals each in different critical life stages. Theories aid in educating nurses so they are able to carry out the goal of promoting health in the community. Through observing the Jones family I have been able to identify behaviours and explain the motives driving them due to developmental theories. This is absolutely essential to nursing practice and skills necessary to care for

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