Essay on The Developmental Stages Of Human Development

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Human development is a very interesting topic to study as well as becoming more knowledgeable about the many developmental stages in life. What makes it so unique is that each person develops differently in his or her own way. Studying each stage of human development made me more aware of certain things that may or may not occur around that time. After studying the different theories, I can now understand how I developed as a child many years ago. As I go through each discussion about the development throughout my childhood from a cognitive, physical, and emotional psychological point of view.

To begin with, the cognitive development in my childhood was somewhat similar in which to expect in a child. By this time my language began to expand from the single words to making out entire sentences. I experienced some errors along the way such as not using the right word for the appropriate sentence. Therefore, I learned what certain words meant and which one to use when communicating. For example, having a conversation with a someone I would say, “We watched a movie in my class yesterday.” although the event it occurred a week from that day. From receiving a better understanding on how to use certain words in a sentence, I could differentiate between words which helped me out a lot along the way. In the textbook, this refers to Jean Piaget’s term assimilation adaptation that defines “taking in new information and incorporating it into existing cognitive structures.” (30)…

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