Essay about The Developmental Characteristics Of Children

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Children grow up following progressive developmental tracks. The developmental characteristics of children in each age group are universal throughout the world. Not only the psychological development but also the artistic development goes through expected sequential tracks generally. Children’s artistic behavior emerges regardless of culture; an artwork of a child is often used to analyze that child. In this paper, a child observation will be delineated and the child’s behavior and artwork will be analyzed using Erikson 's psychosocial stages and Lowenfeld’s artistic developmental theory.
The observation of a child was conducted in an after-school class and an individual art therapy session at Hope Gardens Community Center (HG) in Brooklyn, New York. The HG provides after-school programs for pre-K to high school students and an art therapy service for children who present behavioral or psychological problems. The after-school class consisted of twenty-four elementary school children who are in second or third grade, one teacher, and one volunteer. The class proceeded to do an art activity, reading, and homework. An individual art therapy session was held for forty minutes at a small private space in the gym at the HG.
Cindy (pseudonym) is an eight-year-old African-American female who has attended the after-school program at HG since May 2016. Cindy appears to be slightly shorter and skinnier than her peers and always wears a neatly maintained school uniform. The after-school…

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