Essay about The Development Through The Lifespan

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The textbook, “Development through the Lifespan”, accurately grasps this notion of the elderly having a reduced ability to regulate their body temperatures. It goes on to state that seniors who are physically fit and free of diseases suffer the least (Berk, 2014, p. 568). In my grandmother’s case, she is quite overweight and as mentioned above has high blood pressure.
These two factors may further contribute to her intolerance. On a side note, I wanted to bring up the topic of ‘zone of proximal development’. When she mentioned about having her fan, cooler and bed heater near her, I found the care giving attributes similar to the caring of a child and how the adult prepares their development by practicing the ‘zone of proximal development’ and
‘scaffolding’. I further researched this and found that this method of care giving for the elderly is known as ‘proximal capability’ in which it allows the elderly to perform basic tasks on their own to the best of their capability (Balswick, King, & Reimer, 2005, p. 234). Since her cognitive
functioning is gradually declining and the physical changes cause her to be uncomfortable, it is helpful having the assistive devices near her.
2. How are your senses? Your vision, can you see fine detail? Is your hearing impaired? And your sense of smell and touch is it different as compared to when you were younger?
A: My vision is great; I can see far and near. When I examine intricate designs on…

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