The Development Strategy Of Global Strategy Essay

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This type of positioning based on use of product reflects a second or third position for the brand. It can include specific type of positioning for expanding the brand in the market. The new use of product to be introduced in the market can expand the market for the brand (Morgan, 2012).

Product Process for Positioning
This approach for positioning is associated with the consumers or segments of consumers. The development of fashion image can influence the image of product through the reflection of features communicated as a user of product. Such type of repositioning can result in a significant market share (Blankson & Crawford, 2012).

3.4. International Business Problem 1
It is noted in the case study provided that the Zotter has gained remarkable growth in the market of Austria due to which he is aware of gaining more market share of his growth from Germany and other international markets. It is of his concern to decide whether it is the right time to introduce his brand of chocolate into new markets. The development strategy of global strategy as international business can differentiate three forms of international expansion arising from the resources, capabilities, and international position of organisations like Zotter. If the organisation like Zotter is focusing on its home market, then the strategies outside the domestic markets can be considered as international. It is initiated with the consideration of extent to which the local variation can be made to a brand…

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