Essay The Development Of Vocal Music

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The development of vocal music in the musical world has been one of the most significant developments in musical history. Without the considerable developments in vocal music that happened between the medieval period of music to the Baroque, music would not be the same concept we have come to know today. The medieval world was drastically different than the world we know today. Lacking simplicity and harmony, the environment was filled with war, disease, and famine. Having to cope with such difficulties, the people of this time period resorted to faith and the church. This brought about many changes within artistic environment of the medieval society. Paintings, architecture, and music began to flourish. Since faith was the magnet brining all of society together, most of the artistic movements revolved around the church. For example, the paintings and architecture that were beginning to flourish were incorporated into the church. Expressive architecture like the Gothic style emphasized the importance of the building, and ultimately the importance of the church in society as a whole. The importance and value of the church was reflected upon medieval music. Religious choirs were now utilized in the expression of faith by chanting in the church, which gave rise to the Gregorian chant. With society putting much emphasis on religious text, the texts were chanted with an accompaniment of simple melodies. The simplicity of the melodies shined light on the religious text…

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