Essay on The Development of the Two Party System

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One of the most important developments in American history is the formation of the two party system. Since Jefferson and Hamilton fought for the support of the nation, American politics has been characterized by the battle between two ideologies. The split between Americans began with the Federalist and Democratic-Republican parties. The Federalists, led by Hamilton, believed in a national bank, high tariffs, good relations with Britain, and were strong proponents of northern business. The Democratic-Republicans, led by Jefferson and Madison, were against a national bank, favored relations with the French revolutionaries, desired an economy based on southern agriculture, and championed states rights. The differences between the two parties …show more content…
Again Federalists and Democratic- Republicans would clash on this issue, furthering the divide between the two ideologies. Hamilton believed that high tariffs would entice people to buy from American industries rather than foreign goods, which were excessively cheap, due to government subsidies of business over seas. The issue would soon be debated between the northern and southern congressmen. The north favored such tariffs because their economy was based on manufacturing and they had to compete with the cheaper European goods. The South, on the other hand supplied European manufactures with raw materials, therefore the south would benefit from English products prospering in America because the English would then buy their raw materials at a better price. The separate economies between the Northern and Southern states played a significant role in the formation of political parties, with the North supporting the federalists, and the South in favor of the Democratic-Republicans. Another issue that contributed to the formation of political parties would be Foreign policy. A major issue that divided the two parties at the time was the question of whether to support France or Great Britain. The Federalists supported Great Britain, while the Democratic-Republicans supported France . In 1789 a revolution erupted in France, Thomas Jefferson admired the republican

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