Essay on The Development Of The Modern Internet Age

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According to the latest World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO, 2016) records, about 1.2 billion tourists have crossed international borders in 2015, an increase of 4.4%. For 2030, numbers are forecasted to reach 1.8 billion (see Figure 1). With the globalized and more accessible world, every sector of the tourism industry, including the hospitality sector, faces various challenges. Guests with diverse cultural and social backgrounds (Bharwani & Butt, 2012; Kapiki, 2012) and a high level of travel experiences expect a more personalized and more exciting hospitality experience, which satisfy the “uppermost part of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the need for self-fulfilment and enjoyment instead of just satisfying the need for shelter and nourishment” (Björkqvist, 2009, p. 7)
Due to the development of the modern internet age, customers of the service-based industry like hospitality rose through the ranks from the acceptor of the available choice to the determinator of developments in the sector (Niininen, Buhalis, & March, 2007). Therefore, the following literature review will illustrate customer satisfaction throughout the guest cycle on a quality measurement model, inform about the contemporary customer-centric strategy in the hotel industry, and list contemporary trends in utilisation of space and handling of renovations.

With the statement, “different people rate …service in different ways and with different weightings of importance” (p.182), Cooper (2012) gets to the heart of…

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