Essay about The Development Of The Home Healthcare Industry

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Credence Works – The developer of CredencePlus, a suite of services for the home healthcare industry.

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CredencePlus – Trusted, Intelligent, Easy
As our population ages, the need for home healthcare workers increases. However, patients and families don’t want just anyone coming into their homes. They want qualified, vetted, and credentialed workers. Only then can they have peace of mind.

While home healthcare agencies are required to perform background and license checks on their workers, most agencies use outdated manual credentialing methods, allowing some home healthcare workers to slip through the cracks and into patient homes.

To solve this problem, our team started a company called Credence Works.

Credence Works is the brain child of SaaS Software, Inc. (SSi), a successful software development company. Since the spring of 2015, Credence Works has been developing a revolutionary suite of services for the home healthcare industry called CredencePlus.

Other similar software services focus on hospitals and physician groups. CredencePlus is the only product that focuses on credentialing for the home healthcare industry.

Among other things, our software allows agencies to perform the necessary background and licensing checks on healthcare workers, ensuring that only qualified workers come into contact with patients.

CredencePlus makes it easier for home healthcare agencies and…

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