Essay on The Development Of The Epic Iliad

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The development of the epic Iliad is highlighted within the characters, plot and setting of the story which is written at a different time than the story took place. One of the most important characters of the story, Achilles follows that trend of character development throughout the plot. His role as a warrior of the Greeks under the authority of Agamemnon is constantly challenged throughout the epic and ultimately shapes the outcome of the Trojan War. Achilles role as a Greek hero during the epic helped the Greeks defeat the Trojans by proving his toughness and excellence as a leader and fighter following his un-heroism that he showcases in the beginning of the Iliad.
The Trojan War was a very long and brutal war that went on for many years. The story itself only covers the end of the war when the city of Troy will ultimately be sacked, although this happens following the Iliad. This occurs over just the process of a few weeks that are very telling of Achilles’ journey. He is put in a very tough position as from the start of the epic he is dishonored by the king and leader of the Greeks, Agamemnon. Achilles and the Greek leader don’t get along at all which hurts the Greeks early in the war. Agamemnon, who held Chryseis captive from the start of the epic, angers most of the Greek army who wanted to return her to the Trojans but he refused which was followed by a plague from Apollo. Due to this, the prophet Calchas asks Achilles to personally protect him due to the problems…

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