The Development Of Self Management Skills Essay

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Students with Autism often struggle with self-regulation strategies, motivation, and task completion. In order for a student to develop skills to overcome these dilemmas it has been proven that direct instruction is the key. When you take the consistent variable of the direct instructions, students with Autism struggle maintaining that focus. Self-management skills are gained when a student or person is aware of his/her behaviors, can monitor those behaviors and keep them in check. When he/she is able to keep those behaviors in check, reward him/her self. It’s at this time that a student or person who focuses on his/her own behaviors instead of task completions that student/person is more likely to develop new skills in various settings. Previous studies in this study have proven the importance of parents in the development of self-management skills with it comes to the particular students with Autism. Parents are more likely to develop diverse strategies for their students to increase their communication, decrease the undesirable behaviors, and improve the relationships between parent and student. One area of focus to begin these skills and strategies for self-management is during homework time. During homework time it is ideal for parents to work with their students on self-management skills. Homework is designed to bridge the gap between school and home. Though often difficult to get students to focus after a school setting, to designate the specific time and place for…

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