The Development Of Powerful Monarchies And A Global Economy Essay examples

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The Development of Powerful Monarchies and a Global Economy in Western Europe The transition of Western Europe from many small, decentralized governments and local economies to centralized monarchies and a global economy was due to several factors over a period of centuries. The decentralized feudal system and local economy of the manorial system began to change during the Crusades. The Crusades opened new trade routes and weakened the feudal system. Merchants established new cities and Mercantilism formed the basis for the new trade industry, which promoted expansion into foreign markets. The Black Death further weakened the feudal system and changed the economic structure. The Renaissance period brought major economic and political changes as people aspired for a better life. The religious wars culminated with the signing of the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, which established religious freedom and territorial boundaries.
Feudalism describes the social and political structure of Europe during the Middle Ages. It developed due to weakening of the centralized government following the Carolingian period. Its primary purpose was military protection from foreign invaders for citizens. The lord granted a fief, or plot of land, to a vassal. In return, the vassal pledged allegiance and military service to his lord. Church officials were also vassals and appointed by the lord. The relationship between lord and vassal also required the vassal to make monetary payments on…

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