Essay about The Development Of Learning Skills

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The affects that a teacher has on his or her students are clear and unparalleled. Any teacher would benefit from bringing the works of Piaget, Vygotsky and other sociocultural theorists into the classroom. After graduating from concurrent education, I hope to become a teacher for primary-junior classrooms, specifically between junior kindergarten and grade three. As I hope to be teaching children between the ages of five and ten, I will need to be especially articulated on the topics of the development of learning skills in children. My students will not be fully cognitively developed, so it will be my job to further assist in their acquisition of skills and growth as learners, conversationalists and social beings. By utilizing Piaget’s “children as scientists” theory, assimilation-accommodation-equilibration processes and stage theory, I can create a classroom that most benefits the children’s learning. How the zone of proximal development and the sociocultural theory and the put forth by Vygotsky can be utilized, as well as understanding how his internalization-of-thought process cannot be applied, will allow me to be the most successful educator for my students. If both Piaget’s theories and sociocultural theories were executed in a learning environment, it would be a safe space to ensure healthy development while at school.
Before developing his stage theories, Piaget initially identified children as little scientists. He noted that children form their own…

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