Essay about The Development Of Leader Saskatchewan

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There are various subsystems within the Cypress Health Region, the focus of this analysis will be the subsystem in Leader Saskatchewan. According to Hayajneh (2007) “A system is a collection of independent but interrelated elements or components organized in a meaningful way to accomplish an overall goal” (p. 1). According to the Cypress Health Region website, the mission of the health region is delivering “safe, quality services to each person” (n.d.). This is the overriding goal that drives the region’s purpose and decisions in providing care. In order for this goal to be met and maintained there are a number of factors that must occur. Although, Leader Saskatchewan is a small community the system is complex as there are often limitations, time frames for services and geographical challenges that put stressors on the processes and will affect the outputs of the system unintentionally.
Currently, there are three separate buildings in which health services are provided, the primary health care clinic, a ten bed acute care hospital and a thirty-four bed long term care facility. The environment is a limitation; physical distance between the buildings puts a stressor on various human resources within the system (Hibberd & Smith, 2006). For example, it is maintenance’s responsibility to transfer meal trays to and from acute care three times a day. This puts time restrictions on maintenance workers because they have to be free to deliver trays. The community is in the early…

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