Essay on The Development of Japanese Manga and Anime

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The Development of Japanese Manga and Anime Manga is a Japanese word that is generally used to refer to comics or cartoons while Anime is a term used to refer to animation, also originating from Japan. The origin of manga can be traced to the 18th century. The word was used for the first time in 1798 in Japan to describe Shiji no yukikai, a picture book. The term resurfaced again in 1814 when it was used as the title of books written by Akinwai Minwa; Hokusai Manga and Manga Hyakujo. These books contained drawings that had been made by Hokusai, a famous Japanese woodlock print artist. The above facts dispel and clarify the popularised myth that manga was invented by Hokusai (McCloud 79). Schodta (152) explains that one millennium prior …show more content…
Tezuka realised that such an approach could not allow him to produce psychological descriptions or power. Because of this, he started introducing cinematic techniques into his manga compositions, using the French and German movies he saw in high school as his models.
Tezuka managed to manipulate the angles and close-ups as a way of capturing well the movements and facial expressions of the characters. To accomplish this, he had to use a lot of panels and as many as hundreds to thousands of pages. In addition to the unique feature of his manga, Tezuka also perceived the manga as having the potential not only to get people laugh but also to pass other messages/themes. Because of this, he produced stories some of which did not have happy endings using the themes of anger and hatred and, tears and sorrow.
Thorn (1) explains that Tezaku printed many four-panel comic strips after the war and in 1947 he printed a comic book entitled Debut carrying a story called the New Treasure Island. This book changed the comic market overnight and many publishers responded enthusiastically and immediately. Young artist ready to emulate this revolutionary style were found easily leading to a radical restructuring of the comic market. The work of Tezuka can, therefore, be said to be the single most powerful thing in the creation of modern Japanese manga and anime.
The development of manga can be

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