Essay on The Development Of Ethics And Integrity

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The Development of Ethics and Integrity in the Law Enforcement Filled
As technology has become a large part of the everyday world. Ever moment, decision, and or action is captured in order for it to be shared via a social media arena. Law enforcement is often scrutinized by the “Monday Night Quarterback” those individuals who analyze the police response by the few seconds video. Often passing judgment based on slit second decisions that has brought into the national conversation whether or not law enforcement police themselves.
Furthermore, there is an increased attention regarding police behavior that has brought into question how law enforcement performs their duties. Ethics has been defined as the branch of philosophy that emphasis on the ideology based on right and wrong (Banks, 2013).Therefore, implying that ethics monitors individuals moral compass as it is applied to a person’s actions and conduct. One element representative of integrity and ethics in police leadership is discretion. The law empowers officers to arrest citizens by depriving their basic freedom. Moreover, law enforcement is given great authority to include the use of force when performing their duties that includes deadly force (Banks, 2013). Therefore, police departments are forced to look for the most qualified of candidates to be screened for the position of officer. The word ethics is often replaced with integrity and they go hand in hand in every function of law enforcement. Some scholars have…

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