The Development Of Children And Adult Development Essay

1545 Words Apr 27th, 2016 null Page
Individual development has been studied in our field for a number of generations, yet not one generation is as predictable as the last. Contemporary developmental theories have added, subtracted, and applied various approaches to understand child/adult development, but with the society increasingly growing and the millennials slowly taking over, there will be certain issues with development that will arise. In my research, I have found issues of development that closely relate to lack of delay of gratification, the decrease amount of educational play, and the developmental relationship between one and their environment. Under the public eye, the contemporary issue of today’s generation is facing a problem with continued instant gratification. Individuals are slowly not even given the chance to learn the developmental lesson of delaying pleasure. According to our text, Cloninger (2013) states, “delay of gratification [is] the ability to defer present gratification for larger future goals, [it is also] an important adaptational skill that develops in childhood” (p. 232). I can personally see this at play in my present life. For example, when I am with my sister and her baby, she rarely allows him to cry for an extended period of time before she is quick to pull out her cellphone and find a YouTube video that he can entertain himself with. I understand that my sister, nor any other mom is intentionally trying to increase the expectancy of instant gratification, but with the…

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