The Development Of A Crime Essay

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The Development Of a Crime Clearly, teenagers and cars go together much like peanut butter and jelly! Teenagers who were lucky enough to have a car were considered the “who 's who” of the social scene. We see this theme in several settings, such as television, movies, and plays. The car, complete with girls, is often portrayed in music lyrics and videos. Yes, it seems the iconic car helps land the girl, no doubt about it. On a flip side, it has also lent itself as an unsuspecting vessel of some dangerous stalking and predatory behaviors. It is not a wonder that with the introduction of the car on the dating scene, some parents were in various stages of concern and fear for their unsuspecting daughters. It has been this way for decades. Closer inspection of the automobile and dating reveal that cars and dating have been a sort of coming of age tool for many teens and young adults while, unfortunately, they have also become fairly commonplace as a predatory and/or stalking device for some women. In JC Oates short story, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been,” one of the important elements that a reader can discover between the lines is one of fear. Possibly this fear is due to the varying degrees of apprehension and uncertainty of the main character Commie experience as she marches ahead into new and uncertain places and relationships in the 1960’s. Notably, Connie’s relationship with a kid she has never met before. In the story Connie is portrayed as a…

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