The Development Component Of Talent Management Essay examples

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The development component of talent management focuses on preparing high-potential employees for future leadership roles. Stewart et al. (2012) defines employee development as “activities that influence personal and professional growth” (p. 376). The key to effective employee development is aligning activities that enhance leadership competency to business objectives. Steve’s Soda Co. uses a development strategy that directs leadership behaviors toward the company’s core values and strategic elements. Silzer et al. (2010) contends that this strategy has two objectives: “to indoctrinate leaders to the company 's core vision and the cultural values and to facilitate career transitions by involving leaders in a dialogue about their upcoming roles and responsibilities” (p. 296). In other words, this strategy focuses on strengthening the company’s culture and aligning leadership values with the company’s mission. In order for this socialization strategy to be successful, the company must ensure that the company’s core values and mission are clearly stated and followed (Silzer et al., 2010). Steve’s Soda Co. maintains a written record of its core values on its company website. New applicants and high-potential candidates are asked to review the core values and give examples of how their personal values align with the company’s core values. Furthermore, development programs are designed to support business objectives. Development programs include formal-classroom…

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