Essay about The Development And Normal Function Of The Nervous System

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Organization of neuronal circuitry depends on the developmental processes such as branching of axons and their dendrites, axon guidance, the establishment and maturation of synaptic connections, and the proper connections to each other(1). Neuronal migration is essential for the development and normal function of the nervous system. Many human diseases such as autism and epilepsy are suspected to be indirect consequences of abnormal neuronal positioning (2). Although migration of neurons from their birthplace to their final target area is a crucial step in brain development the consequences of abnormal migration in behavioral function is poorly studied.
One model for studying neuronal migration is the migration of facial branchiomotor (FBM) neurons in vertebrates. FBM neurons have been studied using the mouse, chick and Zebrafish as model organisms (4). In mouse and Zebrafish FBM neuronal cells bodies migrate in caudally through the hindbrain (3). Zebrafish is a useful model to study neuronal migration due to the transparency of the embryos makes it possible to visualize structure and cells in live Zebrafish. Genetic studies of defects in neuronal positions using Zebrafish has emerged many Zebrafish mutants. The Off-limits (Olt) mutants are one Zebrafish mutant have a defect in the FBM neuron migration. In the neuronal migration Zebrafish Olt where migration of the FBM neurons is abolish (5), our lab recently discovered these mutant larvae eat poorly compared to wild type…

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